Board of Directors

October 1, 2012 -
September 30, 2013

Executive Committee

President: Jamie Weatherly

Vice-President & Programs: Stephanie Tayloe

Secretary: Jean Brogdon

Treasurer: Jean Peterson

Historian: Ray Harding

Committee Chairs

Special Events & Projects: Noragene Harding

Volunteer Coordinator: Stephanie Tayloe

Public Relations: Joy Bland

Newsletter: Stephen Chilcutt

Membership: Stanley Leslie

Our Board of Directors

On Tuesday, September 18, 2012 we held our Annual Membership Dinner and installed our current board members. Below is the list of officers and what each job entails.


The President shall preside at all Society and Board of Directors meetings; carry out the instructions of the board of directors, and it be the official spokesperson of the Society.


The Vice-President shall, in the absence for inability of the president as defined by the board of directors, perform the duties of the president. The vice president shall be program chair, and discharge other duties requested by the president or prescribed by the board of directors.


The Secretary shall keep a record of society and board of directors meetings and necessary correspondence. All correspondence related to the society will be the responsibility of the secretary.


The Treasure shall have custody of the funds of the society, shall deposit them in insured financial institutions as agreed upon by the board of directors; shall make disbursements as listed in the approved budget, and shall be responsible for the collection of all funds. It is the responsibility of the board of directors to verify the treasures report.


The Historian shall be responsible for maintaining the history of the society’s activities through the use of a scrapbook and listing of the charter members, which is a permanent property of the society, the care and custody of which is under the direction of the president.